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[16 Jul 2004|09:54pm]
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[09 Jul 2004|09:16am]
I'm slightly bored. I wish Heather was on. I have no studies today so I'm home on the computer because I'm just that cool. I'm listening to U2 because they own me [and you]. I went snooping around lj for people obsessed with U2 with some disturbing results. Talk about uncanny.

I'm outta here..

[30 Jun 2004|05:23pm]

[21 Jun 2004|03:41am]
Your Favorite AFI Song by JadexShapedxHole
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Your favorite AFI song isThe Devil Loves You
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Never heard of it but YAY my favourite song!

[14 Jun 2004|01:31am]
my pet!

BOOM! [09 May 2004|09:25pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Today was mother's day and whoopie my "mother" visited me. She brought a few old cards I wrote her when I was a little boy [when I thought she was great]. I laughed until I almost laughed up my insides.
In one Mother's Day card I said "I hope you enjoy these puzzled puzzles i puzzled for you in PUZZ MANIA!" and I included a find-a-word with about nine letters. Woah big puzzle! And another one where I wrote "happy mothers day, i love you you are helpfall to me"...wow that was deep. Another one where I attempted drawing a car and it looked more like a bon-bon. And one with my hand print on the front, and it's about the size of two matchboxes....and I was in grade one...SHAME! It also included an attempt at a story: "you take me to the shop with annmarie and krissy and annmarie and we bye me things." Obviously I didn't know that repeating myself makes people bored, and that not using comma's is dumbb. Bah I was an idiot.

-sigh- I miss Heather and I want to die without her. GAH I haven't spoken to her so I'm going to have a shitty day. -growls-

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[24 Feb 2004|08:11pm]
I miss Heather when I'm not with her. Gawd The Hot House sucks. Anyone who knows what I'm talking about and was going for Simon and Jules...DIE! Pete and Tina deserved that fucking house I hate everything!!!!

Er I also found this really gross picture of a japanse toilet a few seconds ago too. I wont even start...
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[19 Feb 2004|06:36pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Watch out everyone...Chris got a journal!

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[03 Feb 2004|06:00pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I love Heather.
Heather is beautiful.
I adore Heather.
Heather is my lover.

I'm marrying Heather, YAY!

Isn't it pretttyyy!


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[26 Jan 2004|09:43pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Someone just said I wrecked their aspirations of following in Steve Irwin's footsteps. But I had to save them from a future of becoming a nut running around on national tv chasing wild animals who, i doubt, care for anything he does for them. The food chain put us at the top and we shouldn't (!) have to justify it by saving other species dammit!! If they die, it was their time!!!!! We are superior!!!!!!!!!!! -has an aneurism-

I think since certain people began using code names, and I still feel the need to let out more steam, I'll begin using code names. I watched Resevoir Dogs yesterday, classic movie. So I'll call people Mr. such-and-such. No there is not Mr. -such-and-such.
At the moment I'm unhappy with a certain person. (Mr = anyone, male, female, little kid, old person and in between.) I'll start with Mr. Black. I hate Mr. Black. Die Mr. Black =). Now onto Mr. Orange. Mr. Orange sucks. YAY!!! SUCKS!!! Mr. Red! I don't hate Mr. Red. But Mr. Red is....-tightens fists-...nevermind. Moving on... Mr. Blonde!!!! I HATE MR. BLONDE!!! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE -stabs voodoo doll- (a/n: no voodoo actually exists)I like Mr. Brunette alot. I despise Mr. Pink. Okay enough ranting cya..

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[26 Jan 2004|05:44am]
[ mood | bored ]

I love Pringles.

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[20 Jan 2004|01:40am]
Oh so many problems. I hate quicktime for being a bastard. I hate animation shop for being a bitch. I hate this icon for looking like shit. I hate me for trying. I hate computers and I wouldn't have one if it weren't for Heather. But most of all I hate Chris because he's a pain in the ass =P
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[17 Jan 2004|04:44am]
Sneakers- funny, laid-back, and goofy, you love to
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This quiz sucks. Talk about off the mark-this isn't me at all.
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[09 Jan 2004|09:46pm]
I love you Heather! So very much!
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[08 Jan 2004|01:14am]

AFI community. NOT Javey sorry. Take a look if you're not busy- join if you're bored.

[04 Jan 2004|04:16pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]



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